Monday, March 1, 2010

Fear Blog

When I was a child, I guess you could say that I was affraid of the dark, but I didn know that it wasnt the drark that I was affraid of, I was affraid of what might be hiding in the dark. When i was younger, my bedroom was in the basement of my house which wasnt fully finished yet and as a result, was a scary commute to my bedroom that i used to share with my brother. After I finally made it to my bed, I would lay still under the blankets for quite some time, until i was sure that nothing was in my room. Every sound of the wash machine or water heater was enough to make me run upstair to my dad. That fear slowly died away when i was like six, so now I would prefer to be in the dark than the light just because of the excitement of not knowing what might be in the dark with you.